Etiquette Answers; "How can I best show gratitude to my wedding vendors?"

Saying thank you to your wedding vendors is one of those details that folks always have questions about. How do you handle this subject and what is the best place and time to do so?  Today, I’m hear to help alleviate some of the stress around this sticky topic. 

Philadelphia wedding vendor gratitude

If I choose to tip, do I need to do so for all of my vendors? 

No, you don’t. A tip is just that, something extra for a job well done. In many professions in the United States a tip is expected as an extension of the fee- cab drivers, hairstylist, waitstaff; we tip them as second nature. But what about the professional that help us create the wedding of our dreams? Yes, you can tip some vendors and not others- this is completely your decision! Don't feel like you ever need to provided a tip, but if you feel your vendor has gone above and beyond to make your day special and as stress-free as possible then thank them for it.

When is the right time to say thank you?

Depending on the vendor and the service they provide you can tip them appropriately at different stages in the process. 

- Upon final delivery- For stationers, photographers and any other vendor who is providing a physical product this is my general recommendation. When you have received the completed product you paid for (and are pleased with it) send them a gratitude. 

- Wedding day- this may be the most convent option for you, simply giving the service provider a tip on the day of your event. Talk to your planner or coordinator about this in advance most, myself included, are happy to collect these gifts in advance of the wedding and distribute them on your behalf- one less thing to worry about day of. 

- When you send thank you notes- When you are thanking your wedding guests is a great time to send along a thank you note to your vendors as well. 

Does my thank you need to be monetary?

Not always, a tip is anyway that you feel thanks the vendor for their work. I would advise putting yourself in the shoes of the one on the receiving end to make sure that this is something they would like but beyond that this is entirely your call. 

- Donations to charities they support- Make sure to do so in the name of or on behalf on the vendor

- Thank you gifts- Gift bags, boxes and homemade treats specially selected items from the heart are always lovely to receive

- Cash money- I won’t lie, vendors like to receive acknowledgement in this way too, but don’t feel as though it is your only option

Other ways to say thank you

- Cards- Handwritten notes of appreciation and gratitude

- Social media shout outs- Tag your vendors all over the place and let friends know what a great job they have done. This is the new word of mouth recommendation. 

- Reviews- This may be the single biggest way to say thank you to a vendor, letting others know about them. This step isn’t hard and you can do it from anywhere at any time. Hop on to some of the popular vendor listing sites and leave a review, The Knot, Carats & Cake and Wedding Wire are all great places to leave this feedback. Points if you ask your vendor which site they receive the most traffic from and make sure you post specifically to that one. It is always nice as well to share those reviews directly with the vendor and give them permission to post your words in the form of a testimonial.  

Ultimately, no matter how you do it saying thank you is important. Don't feel pressured into something you aren't comfortable with and do this step on your own terms but in a timely fashion.