A Paper Anniversary

On Monday my husband Scott and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Following the rules of tradition the gifts to be exchanged on a first anniversary are to be made of paper. Let me tell you I have though a lot about this topic and just what would be the most perfect thing to gift my guy with. You should know that he tends to think of me as an excellent gift giver, so the challenge was on.

wedding rings monogram

Concert tickets was one of the first things that came to mind because those are paper, right? our first date was to a concert so this option seemed fitting. I also though quite a bit about a new print or piece of art for our walls, but as we are currently shopping for our first home, I though I might want to wait on that until we knew where this object would hang. I was really racking my brain, but coming up a bit empty. 

As I mentioned we are in the market for our first home, so funds are on lockdown around our place, we want to save as much as possible for the downpayment (yeah adult stuff!) Chatting it over both of us agreed that we should spend very little on this anniversary to be able to better meet our home buying goals. Then the perfect idea hit us- earlier this year we went through the process of buying life insurance and well, that policy is a piece of paper that we spend a good amount of paper to acquire-perfect gift! Nothing says 'I love you' more than if you die I get a payout. In all seriousness though and as lame as a thing it appears from the outside, this worked for us. He and I have decided to frame it in the way that that if something happens to you I’ll be protected, and that ya’ll is love. 

Bride Groom Ann Arbor Rings wedding

In subsequent anniversaries it think we will have a bit more fun with our gift choices, but for now, this very grown-up decision suits us well. What is more important that any physical thing is that we got to spend time together that day talking over great memories of this last year and goals for the one to come. We reminisced about our wedding day and honeymoon and it was so good to remember the little days in-between that seemed insignificant at the time but created our favorite memories. Scott and I are ready to dive headfirst into year two and can’t wait to see what exciting experiences are in store for us.  

Photos: Amanda Dumouchelle