3 Wedding Trends I Hope For In 2017

As we flip the calendar over to 2017 you may have noticed that the wedding world is very interested in predicting trends for this upcoming wedding season. Trends like how to use the Pantone color of the year and how to get that celebrity wedding feel. A stylish wedding celebration is absolutely my jam but the type of trends I’m really interested in seeing more of are all about mindset. I’ve made a list of my top wedding trends that I hope couples will join me in embracing in 2017. 

Bride engagement ring wedding Philadelphia trends 2017


 Meaningful Details- In 2017 I want to see more couples put themselves, and their love story, into planning their wedding. From start to finish I want the smallest of details to tell a story of who these two people are and why their love is worth celebrating. I want to see save-the-dates that reflect what they value and favors that share love in a way that honors both the guest and the newlyweds. I want the charities and organizations that they care deeply about to be featured at the celebration too. I want more remembrances of loved ones who have passed. I want more tributes to friends and family who have guided the happy couple along. I want to see table linens that help tell a story of love by creating a welcoming environment. 

Emphasis on Commitment- In my time in the wedding world I’ve seen that a majority of couples focus on their wedding reception rather than their ceremony. In 2017 I would like to see that focus flip, I want the commitment to be the center of the day and the party to become a delightful addition. So often couples rush past the nuptials, which are the reason anyone is gathered together. I want to see careful planning going into pre-marital counseling and relationship goal setting for a strong, life-long commitment. I want the ceremony to reflect who they are through music select to floral choice. Ceremonies don’t have to be boring, think outside of the box and make this the foal point of the day. 

Focus on Serving- A final trend that I want to see more of in 2017 is guest service. All of your favorite people have come from near and far to celebrate with you and I would encourage couples to put a focus on serving those guests not only on the day of the wedding but throughout the wedding weekend. I want to see careful planning in accommodation sections, transportation and ways to welcome and delight your guests. Couples get nervous about this topic because it can be seen as an extra that is only adding cost, but I promise this is what your guests are going to remember about your wedding, how well they were taken care of and if their needs were met throughout. 


I love the pretty part of weddings- sorting out styles and creating color palettes in a fair portion of my business but more important to me are the relationships. I love when couples focus in on the commitment before the celebration, I love when they create a cohesive day that tells the story of who they are together and I love when they show hospitality to their guests and put their needs first. 

Are you a 2017 bride who values commitment, service and style? I’ve still have space this year for a few more sweet thoughtful ladies and I would live to lend a hand planning and styling your big day. Click the button below to contact me and schedule a complementary consultation.