What does a Wedding Designer do?

When you start planning a wedding it very quickly becomes evident that there is a whole new world of professionals about to enter your life. Not only will this likely be the first time you hire folks in many of these various fields but it may also be the first time you become aware that they even exist. As an event designer and planner I’m often contacted for my planning services but its only after talking with my brides that they start to voice concerns about style elements as well. Today I’m digging into what I do as a wedding designer and how having someone to fill this role on your big day can be a huge stress reliever. 

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A short summary of wedding or event design is that we make things pretty, thats really only scratching the surface though. As a wedding designer I take a deep dive into who my couples are and how together we can best tell their love story through each and every element of the biggest day of their lives. 

Tell your story- No bride starts her planning process looking for a cookie cutter copy of someone else wedding. Every wedding should be as unique as the couple themselves, I love to get to know my brides and find out what makes them tick. I’m not just talking about how they see their celebration or what their 'colors' are, but rather what activities fill their free time, what books they read, what causes pull on their heartstrings. Looking past the surface and fluff takes the experience of a wedding from simply pretty to a carefully executed love story that unfolds throughout the wedding day. 

Lookbook-  My process starts by meeting with a new bride and having a deep dive in to her Pinterest boards (and not just the wedding ones)  I want to get a sense of what she finds beautiful and images are the best springboards for conversation. From those pins I can see what elements of the wedding are going to be most important to her (100 pins of cakes but only 3 of florals is a pretty quick clue) Visuals are often a more solid way of communicating than words, they provide something to respond to and ask questions about. 

I then in turn create a visual of my own in the form of a wedding lookbook. Here I’ll mix in her image ideas with some of my own and compile a color palette pulling from that imagery. Depending on the details required for the day this can be two or ten pages and it covers every aspect of the wedding day from paper goods to attire. This document serves as our roadmap when making all of the selections for the celebration. When we meet with the stationer you bet that look book will be front and center of the discussion to inform line, style and color. This doesn’t mean that we will be copying directly from a invitation suite image but rather the style lines from a floral image can inform the soft, deckled edge that the stationer recommends to help pull together a curated, cohesive look. 

Vendor selection and management- As a designer I want to work with the best of my areas local wedding vendors, the top artisans in any given field. I like to provide my brides with recommendations of vendors I’ve already had experience with and know produce quality work. No matter what their area of expertise every vendor is going to have their own style and I want the style of the vendor to fit perfectly with my bride. I carefully recommend decor vendors who align with the needs of the day and my bride. 

Next, depending on the services my bride has booked, I'l fully manager or act as consultant to the vendor team. No matter what collection a bride selects I want to ensure that her wedding is more beautiful and cohesive that she could have dreamed. 

Day of styling- This is where all of the careful plans become a reality. On the day of the wedding I’m hard at work pulling together each element so that it's just how we planned. I’m trouble shooting any problems that might arise on site and with my fellow vendors. All of the careful planning would be for nothing If the day of element wasn't in place. This can range from the nitty gritty of alphabetizing escort cards to creating custom decor installations- every element counts. 

I don't just want my brides to have a pretty wedding- my role is so much more than that. I want them to have a beautiful experience that tells and celebrates her love story. 

Are you a 2017 bride who values style? I’ve still got room on my dance card this year for a few more sweet thoughtful ladies and I would live to lend a hand planning and styling your big day. Click the button below to contact me and schedule your complementary consultation.  

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