Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Day Hair Stylists

Hair design services are one of the few wedding day elements that you likely have had the need to book prior to your wedding. Prom, a friends wedding or other special occasion- chances are you have had a professional up-do or styling before. Bridal hairstyles are a little different than services you may have had before as it can often be faced with different requirements. Today I’m sharing questions that you should be asking potential wedding day hair artists. 

Wedding Day Bride Hair Style


1. Do you recommend I wear my hair up or down based on my hair type? Everyone has different hair needs, you may already have a good idea if yours is the type that can withstand a day worn down and curled. Ask wha the stylists recommends based on their experience with similar hair textures. 

2. What type of products will you use to make certain my hair stays styled through the day? Ask about the brands they currently use. If there is a product that you have found to work wonders on your own head be sure to mention it to them. 

3. Do you offer a trial run? Most stylist will not only offer this service but strongly encourage it. I find that this is particularly important if the stylist doing you wedding hair is different for you normal stylist. 

4. What styles do you recommend to support the style veil I've chosen? If possible bring your bridal veil to the trial. If you haven’t received it quite yet bring lots of photos so your stylist knows what they will be working with. Veils can weight a lot more than you think so its good to be clear on what your veil will require. 

5. What styles do you recommend to support the style of hair accessories I’ve chosen? Hair accessories are the same as the veil- bring them to your trial if you have them, or photos if you don’t. 

6. Do you offer on location services? Many companies specialize in day-of on location services. Meaning that they will travel to your hotel or get ready location and preform your services there. It is a great way to minimize the damage to your do and also feel a bit special. 

7. What space and material requirements do you have for on location services? If the services will be preformed on site make sure that you have a well lit location, proper low back chairs and also access to electrical. 

8. Can you accommodate hair services for my entire bridal party? Mothers & grandmothers? Many bridal stylist have a whole team that they can bring with them day of to accommodate your entire party. Let them know how many ladies will be in need of services and they can sort of the appropriate number of stylists for there. 

9. How can I prepare my hair several months out from the wedding? Stylists can offer you products and ticks to get your hair in tip-top shape for wedding day. This may range from regular trims to deep conditioning services. 

10. How can I prepare my hair the day before the wedding? Often times stylists ask that you arrive or prepare day-old hair. Meaning that all your product is still hanging out and will help create volume and give them a better base to work with. 

11. How much time should I budget in my wedding day timeline for hair services? Bridal styles typically take an hour, but depending on the intricacy of your chosen style this may vary. Also, depending on how many other ladies will be receiving services the timeline can alter drastically. 

12. Do you offer makeup services as well? Many hair stylists are also makeup artist or have one in their employ. Ask what your options are in this area. 

13. Do you offer touch up services throughout the wedding day? Some stylist let you add on your package so that they stay with you through the day to make sure that not a single hair is out of place and you look your absolute best. 

14. Is there anything specific I should wear for my hair trial day or the morning of the wedding? Many stylists will ask that you wear a white (or the color of your gown) top to the trial so that you can get a better idea of how the style will look day of. For the actual wedding day a button down or zip up top is a must. 

15. What type of research is it helpful for me to provide you with? Stylists will ask for photos of styles that you like but it can also be helpful to bring images of fancy hairstyles you have had in the past, even if it isn’t something that you ever want replicate!. Using your own images can be very informative as to what looks best on your face and head shape.  


Still not sure quite how to go about finding the right stylist for your big day? Send me a note, I'm happy to offer complementary vendor selection pointers.