6 Tips For Booking a Wedding Room Block

Every wedding will have its share of out of town guests, choosing the right hotel for you wedding room black can be essential for smoothing out timeline issues and making guests feel welcome. While booking the hotel closest in proximity to your venue may seem like the logical choice I suggest you do a little more research to insure you are making the right selection for your big day. Today I’m sharing my 6 top tips for choosing a hotel for your wedding room block. 

Wedding Hotel Room Block

1. Visit the hotels in person- The internet is really good at hiding details. When possible visit the hotels in the area of your wedding activities in person. Take a stroll through the lobby, walk the grounds and have a peak in at the restaurant. Do the style of those areas appeal to you and the tone you wish to set for your wedding? Have a conversation with the front desk staff and the concierge. Are those folks kind and helpful? Will they be accommodating to the needs of your guests? 

2. Consider transportation- Put some thought into how your guests will get from point A to point B. How easy is it to find this hotel from the airport for someone in a rental car who is unfamiliar with the area? Is there parking available on site? Can your shuttle bus pull up directly at the front door of the hotel or will you need to acquire additional signage to help guests find their ride?  Can guests easily return to the hotel at the end of the night? Try and think like someone who has never spent time in the area. 

3. Explore the breakfast options- Evaluate if the hotel offers breakfast options that will suit the needs of your guests. Is a continental breakfast included in the room rate? If including a send-off brunch in your wedding weekend can the hotel offer a space and catering for this activity. Are there other breakfast/snack options in close proximity to the hotel? How far will guests need to go to get a decent cup of coffee? 

4. What type of 'Get Ready' locations can they offer- What can the hotel offer you, the bride, in terms of get ready locations? Do they have suites available that can accommodate you and your ladies for hair and makeup services? Think about the lighting in these spaces as well- Go for options with natural light and your photographer will thank you indeed! 

5. Is child care an option- Ask if the hotels you are considering have onsite child care options. Some guests may want to attend the wedding but require a nanny for the kiddos while they are toasting you and your husband. What type of amenities can the hotel offer your guests to this end?

6. Don't forget about points- My friends don't forget to consider the world of hotel points. Depending on the hotel chain you will be booking your block with you can rack you up some serious credit that could be applied towards your honeymoon or a bonus vacation. Ask about the hotels rewards program, ask about points and ask about their exclusive credit card and how that can help you gain points even faster. Coordinating a room block is one of the fastest ways to acquire points in most reward programs. 

Still don’t want anything to do with booking a room block? It really is one of the least romantic elements of planning a wedding. Check out my Black Tie Collection where one of services I provide brides is taking this step off of your plate.