Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Calligraphers

One of those dreamy details that adds a distinct touch of elegance to any wedding day is calligraphy. The beautiful curly script is a delight to look at and is a real art to master. Professional calligraphers offer a wide array of service above and beyond just addressing envelops. Today I’m sharing top questions to ask your potential wedding calligraphers. 

wedding invitation calligraphy


1. How far in advance should I book you? It is wise to engage your calligrapher at the same time that you are booking your stationer, their work is going to be depended upon one another, so book this service well in advance of the wedding day.

2. How many extra paper goods do you require? Whether it be envelops, place or escort cards your calligrapher is going to want some extras, 20% is the typical ask. 

3. What are your recommendations for both paper and ink? Ink will behave differently on one weight of paper over another, the material that your envelop paper is made from will have an effect too. There are different types and colors of ink that will perform better in a variety of situations. Be sure to consult with your calligrapher on their recommendations before placing your stationary order. 

4. What is your turn around time? This can vary based on the project, envelop addressing will take longer than escort cards.

5. Can I add additional day of paper closer to my wedding? Guest list are always changing at the last moment, ask your calligrapher if they will be able to accommodate late adds to list. 

6. What lettering styles do you offer? Some calligraphers only work in one style while others may have a wide range of options for you, make sure that one of their styles will suit your taste and the style of your wedding. 

7. Do you offer mailing services? Many calligraphers will offer this service where they will stuff and mail your invitations after the addressing is done. This helpful step could save you a boat-load of time. 

8. Can you replicate a font used on my invitations? Some calligraphers can easily replicate a new lettering style while other stick to their tried and true methods. Is it important to you that the lettering remain consistent throughout? 

9. Will the per line cost change based on the style of lettering I choose? Often the answer to this question is no, but be sure to ask because that particular artist may have several speciality lettering styles as options. 

10. Are your inks waterproof? The last thing you want is to have paid for beautiful calligraphy only for it to be ruined pre-delivery by rain. 

11. How should I send you my address or guest list? Calligraphers will have clear specifications for how they would like to collect your guest list information. Most commonly they will request a typed excel document with specific formatting instructions.

12. Do you charge a retainer or deposit? Like many other wedding professionals is it very common for a Calligrapher to ask for a retainer or deposit. Most often I have seen their services split into two charges, half on contract signing and half upon delivery. This may also be split into three charges based on your day of paper needs.

13. Do you offer other services like custom signage? Calligraphers often have services that reach beyond envelops and escort cards, ask if they are able to accommodate custom signs for your venue or tags for your welcome boxes or favors. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the though of selecting a stationer much less a calligrapher? Send me a note I would be happy to offer further advice in this area!