Keeping Your Veil in Tip-Top Shape

No bride is complete with out her accessories and one adornment that nearly every lady chooses is a veil. The history of this piece is steeped in symbolism, but today they are generally viewed as more of a tradition. I’m sharing some pointers on how best to care for your fancy headpiece so it looks its best on your big day. 

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The most common issue that arrises when it comes to veils is how to get the wrinkles out. Steaming is going to be your best best. This can be done by the seamstress who completes the alterations on your gown, your local dry cleaners or you wilding a home steamer. This task is quite easy to preform and almost idiot proof as long as you have the correct tool. A simple home steamer like this will do the trick: . A word of caution, home irons generally have a steam feature built in but I would advise against using them for your veil. The delicate veiling fabric can easily be ruined by an iron and should only be used with a press cloth, if you don’t know what a press cloth is move on and stick to a steamer or hire a professional for the job. 

How best to store your veil before the big day is a question that many brides have as well. There are a variety of different clips on the market for hanging storage, but I don’t care for them. These clips have you suspend the veil by the comb or other anchoring device that holds the piece on your head. If left hanging in this manor for a few months it may cause undue stress on the attachment device (particularly if its plastic). I prefer brides store their veils flat until they need to be steamed for the big day. The veil can be folded and I would recommend inserting acid-free white tissue paper in between the layers and then placing the veil in a cool, dark and dry place in some variety of breathable container, e.g. not plastic. This by the way is also a great way to store your veil post wedding for long time storage. Once the veil has been steamed and prepped for you to wear I would then drape it over a series of hangers to evenly distribute the weight and minimize future wrinkles. If you are going to be rocking the birdcage style I recommend stuffing the underside, where your face will be, with tissue to help the veiling keep its shape and storing it in a breathable box. 

Veils are delicate, but don't be intimidated by them. You can easily handle the prep-work at home with little fuss. No matter what style you have chosen it is going to look great come wedding day. 

Have a veil care question that I didn’t address? Feel free to send me a note, I’m happy to help out!  

Photo: Scott Web