Coordinating Your Bridesmaids Long Distance

Finding the perfect bridesmaids dress can be tricky and it is certainly a different process then what our mothers faced when selecting gowns for their bridesmaids. Ofttimes your wedding party is scattered all over the country or the world for that matter. You want to choose something that will suit your wedding and take into account what your ladies are happy and comfortable with. Today, I’ve got some tips and tricks for you on how to best manage the dress situation no matter where your ladies live. 


1. Set Perimeters

  • Color- Are all the ladies going to be in the exact same color? Will they be in monochromatic variations? Two or three different colors?
  • Style- What cut is the neckline? What shape is it through the body? Where are the seams? How full is the skirt?
  • Length- Cocktail or floor length? 
  • Fabric- Chiffon? Charmuse? Lace? Organdy? Dupioni? Have no idea what any of these words are :) ? 

Give your ladies at least one guideline to follow. More information is always helpful, so if you have two or three guidelines let your ladies know and start narrowing down that search. This is going to help give them focus and direction. 

2. Know your ladies 

Get feedback from the ladies on how much they are willing to spend. Bridesmaids dresses are available at a huge variety of price points, so its a good idea to know what your friends are comfortable with. Be sure to get real, honest numbers from them- remember that if they are long distance now they likely are going to need to travel for your wedding as well. Take all of those costs into mind when making your selection. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a dress that no one in the bridal party can afford. 

3. Pin away 

Set up a secret board over on Pinterest. Invite all of your ladies to collaborate with you and get to pinning. This is going to help you focus in on the styles that they want to wear and what they might be comfortable in. You are going to learn about different dress designers and vendors this way, also you will see what the trends are in bridesmaid dresses at the moment. 

4. Online Ordering 

This is a key to making the long-distance thing work. Choose dresses from a company that sells online. That way, no matter where your ladies live they are able to choose the same dress or fabric. There are lots of different companies that sell gowns online ranging from traditional shops to online only vendors- you are going to be able to find a style to suit your event and ladies this way. 

5. Feedback 

Be sure to check in individually with each of your ladies before they fork over money for a gown. Make sure they are comfortable with the style and price before they commit. These are your best friends, so make sure they aren’t going to resent you for choosing an unflattering dress. 

I want to give a shoutout to the company that I ended up using for the bridesmaid dresses in my own wedding, Kennedy Blue. This is real, honest feedback from a Happy Bride. They were really great to work with and made ordering easy for all of my ladies. They send a sample dresses to try before you buy and a fabric swatch, so you know exactly what your getting. My ladies were in threes different states and this company made sorting out what everyone would wear much easier.  Love to Kennedy Blue, you can find more information about their process on their website:  

Photo: Courtesy of Kennedy Blue