5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Shoes for Your Wedding

Of all the accessories that a you select for your wedding day, your shoes may be the most important. For the bride and groom the day of the wedding is a marathon, not a sprint and having good quality footwear is a key to success. 

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1. Break those suckers in! 

Seriously, ya’ll this makes such a difference. In the Months leading up to your wedding have those fancy shoes on your feet. I took mine into the office and could be seen regularly traipsing up and down stairs in my stylish wedding heels that certainly did not coordinate with my work attire. Yes, I got some odd looks and inquiries for it, but it made a word of difference for me the day of my wedding because I was comfortable with both the height and support of the shoes. 

2. Visit your local cobbler

Lots of people aren’t aware of the great services that your local cobblers can offer. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and will make suggestions that you would have never even considered to improve your comfort. They can stretch the interior of your wedding shoes, custom dye the exterior to coordinate with your wedding palette, add rubber to the sole so you don’t need to worry one little bit about possible slips on the dance floor. Get to know your home town shoe expert. 

3. Invest in quality

You probably already know that in the world of footwear you get what you pay for. I caution you against choosing the discount heels in an effort to save money- your feet will not thank you for it. when planning your wedding budget be sure to set aside funds for a quality, well made shoe. 

4. Order a bunch and try them at home

Through the magic of Zappos you can order and return shoes to your hearts content. Order a few different styles and even a few different sizes and at home. Do this on a rug or carpet, have a spin around the room- see what you like in an environment that you are comfortable with. This does not need to be a split decision with a shoe sales person eying you down, let yourself consider all the facets of the the shoes you love. 

5. Have a back up

I’m not just talking about having a pair of flats to cut loose on the dance floor once the party gets going. Think about having a pair of shoes that are the same height as your wedding shoes but in a more comfortable style for photos. For example the day of my wedding I brought a wedge that I already owned and loved that had the same heel height as my wedding shoes. I then had the option to wear those during our around town photos before the ceremony- I just changed back in to my cute shoes for any photos that involved my feet. 

Most importantly have fun with this choice. You only get to choose your wedding shoes once, so choose a shoe that reflects who you are and that you are comfortable in. 


Photo: Amanda Dumouchelle Photography