My Number 1 Tip for Keeping Focused When Planning a Wedding

Distractions are so easy to come by in the highly visual world of weddings. Everywhere you turn there are a zillion gorgeous images and new ideas for wedding styles. Amongst all of the noise on social media, magazines, blogs and the biggest culprit of all- Pinterest it is so easy to loose focus. Today I want to share with you my number one tip to help you stay on track during the wedding planning process. 

Keep focused while planning a wedding bride Philadelphia, PA

Alright, here it is my single biggest tip for staying focused: Create a top three list. by this I mean a list of the top three things that are important to both you and your guy on your wedding day. These can be anything at all that speak to your values or your taste. Really, really love soft pretzels (like I do!)? Then plan to include a pretzel station in your late night food line up. Will reliving your wedding day be important to you after the fact? Consider investing in high quality video and photography services. Want to make the focus of your day on the huge commitment you both are making rather than just a fun party? Then work to make your ceremony the hi-light of the day rather than the reception. 

My suggestion is to plan a thoughtful date night where the two of you really hone in on what you want the message or take away from your wedding to be. This seems like it should be easy- but a lot of couples struggle to create a cohesive wedding day both in terms of design and values. I recommend that you each choose your single most important element for the day and then also decide on one element together. By creating a top three list you give yourself guidelines and perimeters for planning all of the other elements of the day. Your Top Three are where larger budget allocations should be placed. More effort an attention should go toward selecting the vendors that will make your Top Three come to life than the other wedding components. 

Find out what is important to both of you about this wedding and put all of your heart into those pieces. When the noise on social media is getting to be too much, take a step back and return to your Top Three list. ask yourself questions about all of those pretty images you see and discover if they are moving your forward towards your Top Three goals. If not then dump those ideas and move on, re-centering yourself towards what you truly value. It is important for both you and your guy to be in agreement about your top three or else it won't help solve the problem of wedding planning distractions. Be intentional and find time to craft this list thoughtfully and let it be your guide to navigating the crazy world of wedding planning. 

Having trouble getting clarity on your Top Three? Send me a note, I'm happy to help you hone in on this important list.