Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Cinematographers

Chances are that until your wedding rolls around you’ve never had occasion to hire a professional cinematographer. Likely big events have been filmed by your dad on a home recorder or even more likely someones smart phone. By working with a professional in this field your wedding video can go from documentation of the day to a full on feature film. Today I’m sharing top questions to ask potential wedding cinematographers before you book. 

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1.  How would you describe your film style? Artsy? Documentary? Try and figure out what makes that cinematographer tick. Make sure that your style is in line with the vendor you book. 

2. How long a film can I expect as my finished product? Ask about the average length of the films they create. Its best to manage your own expectations in this area. The cinematograph may have spent 8 hours shooting but after editing and bringing an artistic eye to the footage your video will likely be measured in minutes not hours. 

3. How long after my wedding will the film be completed? Waiting a month or two for your film is completely normal. Ask the cinematographer to be clear about a delivery date timeline (likely this will already be built into their contract!)

4.  How long will you be onsite filming on my big day? This should be clear in their service packages. They may offer a standard amount of hours and then have an a la carte add on for additional coverage. 

5. How do you select the underscore? Talk to the Cinematographer about their music or underscore selection process. If there are pieces you feel strongly about including I bet they would love to know more about those selections! 

6. What format will the film be made available to me? DVD? Flash drive? The Cloud? get information on the format the film will be created and how you will receive it. Ask them also about backing up those memories and how you can best store a second copy. 

7. Can you tell me more about your editing process? The nitty gritty of film editing is likely over your head if it isn't a world you often live in. Ask though about their process as an artist and how they select what footage makes the final cut. 

8. Will there be one person filming or will be you bring a team? Like photographer a second shooter for you day can be quite common. Ask about the features of each package so you know how many folks to expect (This is also great to know in terms of providing meals for each of the vendors!)

The world of wedding cinematography will really blow you away- long gone are the days of a clunky video that record the event. A professional film will help preserve your memories and be a great reminder of the vows you have made to one another. 

Have more questions about hiring your vendor team? Don't hesitate to drop me a line- I'm happy to offer complementary tips tailored to your event!