Dear Bride, Planning is Invasive

Dear Bride, planning a wedding is invasive! Weddings have a very sneaky way of taking over every aspect of your life. No matter where you turn more weddings! Details that you never previously considered important now seem to be life or death decisions. Letter press or Foil Press Printing? Chiavari or Cross back chairs? Notched or shawl collar? So many decisions! 

wedding invitation and bridal earrings

Friends, its ok to let these details go. Start with what matters most to you- friends, family and marriage will likely be at the top of this list. Make selections that honor your values and showcase who you are as a couple. The wedding police won’t arrive and tell you your doing it wrong. Each and every wedding is as unique as the couple who are being joined together. Take care of details that support your commitment and make your guests feel welcome. Then have fun making it a beautiful celebration. 

Take a break. All of the decisions don’t need to be made this moment. Rather breakdown the tasks to be completed and work backwards from your wedding day. Take pen to paper and schedule these tasks out in your calendar. Once you have written it all down and made a plan to handle each item in the time you have remaining take a step back. Give yourself (and your fiancé) a weekend off from wedding talk. Just spend some time together and enjoy each others company again. 

If you let it planning your wedding can and will take over your life. Plant your wedding in a small pot- don’t let it run rampant like a weed through the garden that is your schedule. Find ways to compartmentalize tasks and once you have decided on an element cross it off the list and move on. Keep your chin up and move forward- you’ve got this girl!  


All of this wedding planning still more than you can handle- send me a note and lets see how I can help:


Invitation: PaperTree Studio Earrings: Sabrina Ann Couture